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We're removing the hassle of finances, so freelancers can focus on what they love

Maverick is built by a team of engineers, designers, and finance nerds from Stanford and MIT.

We've freelanced ourselves and are deeply, personally familiar with how difficult figuring out taxes and managing finances can be as a freelancer.

That's why we started Maverick - to remove the pain of handling your taxes and figuring out your finances, so you can focus on doing the work you love.

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Protips for working from home!

Working from home sounds like a dream... until you do it several days in a row! What you thought would…


As a freelancer, budgeting is imperative. Unlike a full-time employee, freelancers have to worry about highly variable income, quarterly taxes,…

Freelancers, don’t miss out on $$$ from the Covid-19 stimulus bill!

President Trump has signed a bipartisan $2 trillion economic relief plan to offer assistance to tens of millions of American…


As a freelancer, you can lower the amount you owe in taxes and save significant amounts of money through what…
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